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Mary Filipponi Class of 1941

Mary Filipponi is a graduate of the Class of William MacFarland High School, the precursor to BRHS in 1941.  After high school, Mary attended Rider College.


Mary enjoyed a distinguished and honored career spanning 41 years -- as a civilian employee stationed both at the U. S. Army Training Center at Fort Dix, and with the U.S. Army Readiness and Region Mobilization Region II (Reserve Center). She was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Fort Dix Outstanding Civilian Employee for exceptional Meritorious Service.


She was recognized for her work with the Diocese of Trenton for her teaching and service.


In 1987, Mary was recognized by Florence Township with the Mayor’s Award for outstanding civic contributions to the St. Clare’s Rosary Society, and in 2012, received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in the community and with the church.   She has volunteered with the Francis W. Robbins American Legion Auxiliary for 65 years, serving in every capacity possible.  The American Legion recognized her service with a Citation for Meritorious Service in 2012.