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Louis Mercantini

Louis Mercantini
Class of 1930

Mr. Mercantini received his high school diploma as a member of the Class of 1930 of Bordentown High School. A respected member of the business community, he has guided the growth and development of Mercantini Motor Company, as president, to a place of prominence in a highly competitive field.

He has served the local community as a member of the Parking Authority and by fifteen years on the Boards of Education.  As President of the Bordentown City Board of Education, he was instrumental in the formation of the Regional District.  He maintains his interest in education as a member of the President’s Advisory Council of Rosemont College.

Mr. Mercantini has also served as Director of the Peoples Building and Loan Association, Vice President of the First National Bank, and a contributing member of the Rotary and Knights of Columbus.