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Carolyn Cook Ryan Class of 1966

Born in San Francisco, California on June 14, 1948, Carolyn Cook Ryan was the first born child of John and Oveda Cook.  By 18 months of age, she and her parents were living in Bordentown, N.J.  In 1951 and 1952, two sisters, Rebecca and Sandra, were born into the family.

Carolyn attended Peter Muschal’s full time Kindergarten and was promoted from 6th grade in 1960 to Clara Barton’s 7th& 8th grades.  In September 1962, she began her high school years attending MacFarland High School for three years and graduating with the first senior class from Bordentown Regional High School in June of 1966. 

Carolyn attended Douglass College of Rutgers in New Brunswick N.J. receiving a Bachelor of Science/Education Degree in May of 1970.  Returning to Bordentown in September 1970, she began her teaching career at MacFarland Junior School.  For 18 years, she taught home economics to the 7th and 8th graders, co-organized the MJS Career Days, coordinated MJS student activity/club period, and was co-advisor for MJS student council.

On April 7, 2979, Carolyn married James Ryan who teaches at Bordentown Regional High School.  They were blessed to have their son, John on September 2, 1981. 

In September of 1988, Carolyn became the teacher and coordinator for the gifted program for 7thto 12th graders.  She attended two summers of the Gifted Institute at the University of Connecticut with Joseph Renzulli in 1988 and 1989.  Beginning in September, 1992, Carolyn was transferred to the two elementary school’s gifted education program (PMS & CBS) for two years.  Then in September 1994, she increased her teaching to include MJS working with students from 3rd to 8th grades.

She continued to train herself by attending any and all workshops, conferences, and training sessions that pertained to gifted education.  Carolyn developed a curriculum for each grade level focusing  on various skills that specifically addressed gifted.  Programs such as Mini Model Congress, Creative Problem Solving, Marsville-A Cosmic Village emphasizing math and science, Symposium for the Arts, Stock Market Program, Independent Research program and more, were incorporated into the gifted curriculum.

In 2000, a newly revamped identification and screening policy by Carolyn and administration was adopted to include Kindergarten to 2nd grade students into the gifted program.  Carolyn then developed and taught a curriculum from 2001 to 2003 to enhance the potential abilities of these academically talented younger children thereby teaching K to 8th grades at CBS, PMS, and MJS and servicing over 200 student each week.  During the fifteen years of the gifted, she received several awards and recognitions.  They include the following:  1989-90 EIR’s National Talent Network (Devoted Service Award), 1994-95 EIRC’s National Talent Network “Outstanding Accomplishments”, 1966 PMS and CBS Distinguished Honor for Dedicated Length of Service of 25 years and in 2000 the PMS recognition for 30 years of Service, 2000 CBS Shining Star Recognition for Outstanding Performance, and the PMS Excellence in Teaching Recognition, and 2003 CBS Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Service in Education.  Carolyn taught in the Bordentown Regional School District for a total of 33 years before she retired in June of 2003.