Alumni Hall Of Fame » Dr. Johnna Broscious Blount - Class of 1985

Dr. Johnna Broscious Blount - Class of 1985

Dr. Jonna Broscious Blount is a Learning Strategist who has spent most of her career visioning and developing engaging learning experiences in the field of adult learning. She currently serves in a Senior Principal role within the Learning & Development department at Chick-fil-A, Inc. Prior to that, she founded and managed a boutique Learning Consultancy practice partnering with various clients to architect targeted, sustainable, and forward-thinking learning solutions designed to support and develop the current and future skills and capabilities needed by learners.


Believing life itself provides a rich and engaging experiential education, she applied her passion for learning in a personal way by crafting customized and interconnected learning journeys for her two children, Darby and Grayson, who are now adults, teaching them both at home and in the world through 8th grade. A lifelong learner and engaged scholar, Jonna earned a Doctor of Business Administration from Georgia State University in 2021. Her doctoral research focused on balancing the tension of employee identification with organizational acculturation.


In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Elizabethtown College, and an MBA with an International Business concentration from Georgia State University.


Jonna is passionate about leadership and partners with two Christian non-profit organizations: Lifeshape and Water Mission. Through these partnerships, she has the opportunity to travel around the globe to serve these organizations by sharing leadership concepts and best practices.


In addition to her professional endeavors, Jonna is passionate about spending time with her two adult children, is an avid traveler – visiting more than 35 countries on 6 of our 7 continents, and she loves to hike, paddleboard, study foreign languages, read, and ski. Jonna currently splits time between Atlanta, Georgia, and Durango, Colorado.