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Smoking Policy

Smoking in on school grounds is a violation of Section 3 of P.L.1981, c.320 (C.26:3D-17) of New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services code.  Below are listed quotes taken from the above law.  The first quote applies to individuals who willfully violate the law – for example; an individual is asked not to smoke and decides to smoke on school grounds anyway.  The second quote applies to school administrators who do not make a reasonable effort to uphold the law – for example; a school official who knows people are smoking on school grounds but does not react to it.

  • “Thereupon any such person who smokes on such premises are in violation of this act is subject to a fine not to exceed $100.”

  • “Thereupon, any person receiving such notice that knowingly fails or refuses to comply with the order is subject to a fine not to exceed $25 for the first offense and not to exceed $100 for the second offense and not exceed $200 for each offense thereafter.

Also, please be advised that an additional statute (NJSA 2C: 33-13) deems smoking in schools a misdemeanor punishable with fines, court costs and community service.