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Computer Policy


Bordentown Regional School District Information Technology Access Agreement

As a student in the Bordentown Regional School District, s/he will be aware of the significant responsibilities associated with the use of information technology and the Internet.  The student will understand that if s/he does not adhere to these policies, s/he may lose or be restricted in his/her network and Internet privileges and s/he may be subject to disciplinary action.

Specifically, the student will agree to the following:

  1. Use district Informational Technology Resources for educational purposes only.This means game playing, and the use of proxy avoidance and social networking sites are prohibited;
  2. Treat with respect and exercise reasonable care in the use of all district computer hardware, software, and communications resources;
  3. Not reveal to anyone else passwords or other access codes assigned to the student so that s/he may use the Information Technology Resources of the district. Will not trespass in another’s folders, work or files for any reason; 
  4. Make reasonable, cost effective use of district consumable supplies such as paper, electronic media, and printer ink and toner;
  5. Make no attempt to in any way alter, modify, upgrade, or repair any district hardware, including, but not limited to, computers, interface cards, monitors, printers, scanners, wiring, or cabling;
  6. Make no attempt to change, modify, or upgrade any district software;
  7. Make no attempt to install programs of any kind on any district computer or network;
  8. Not develop, acquire, display or transmit any material by electronic means or hardcopy that could be considered by a reasonable person in our community as obscene, violent, harassing, racist, abusive, degrading to men or women by gender or demonstrating intolerance or prejudice toward any ethnic or religious group. Not use district technology resources to support political or religious causes or support candidates for public, elected office;
  9. Not use district technology resources to support political or religious causes or support candidates for public or elected office; and
  10. Not to violate copyright laws.


Violations of the BRHS Computer Policy will result in the following disciplinary actions.


1st Offense:  Parent contact, two days of Central Detentions and two weeks of account restriction.


2nd Offense:  Parent contact, one day of in-school suspension and four weeks of account restriction.


3rd Offense:  Parent contact, three days of in-school suspension and permanent account restriction.