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Senior Trip to Florida

Senior Class Trip Administrative Regulations

Students who intend to participate in the senior class trip must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Parent permission
  2. The regulations will be distributed to the parents well in advance of the trip.The packet will include a sign-off form stating that the parents and the student understand the rules and regulations. Forms that certify that the parent will allow their son/daughter to participate in the trip will accompany the regulations packet.
  3. A meeting will be held before the trip to discuss the rules and regulations.
  4. A registered letter will be sent to any parent not attending the pre-trip meeting.All parental forms will be sent in the packet.
  5. Both the permission slip and the regulation sign-off form must be signed prior to October 1st for all students attending the class trip.
  6. Scholastic eligibility
  7. The student must be eligible per existing policy as determined by Board Policy #6130. (Not eligible to attend the trip if student failed two [2] or more courses at the end of the third marking period.)
  8. Non-credit status
  9. Prior to the trip, if a student is notified of being on non-credit status for any reason from any class, and the appeal process has been exhausted, s/he will not be permitted to participate on the class trip.This includes, but is not limited to, attendance issues and dismissal from a job/job-related class, internship or community service.
  10. Disciplinary eligibility
  11. The following disciplinary actions taken against a student will keep that student from attending the trip:

(1)   Any single out-of-school suspension that totals more than 5 days.

(2)   Two out-of-school suspensions,

(3)   Out-of-school suspensions and in-school suspensions that amount to four incidences

(4)   Two truancies, as defined by the attendance policy in the student handbook.

  1. Misconduct at school sponsored activity
  2. If a student is suspended for possession, consumption, and/or being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled dangerous substance at a school-sponsored activity,s/he will not be permitted to attend the class trip.
  3. Fines and debts
  4. All fines and debts must be paid in full prior to the trip.
  5. Any student attending this trip must be present to school on the day before the trip.
  6. Refunds to any excluded student will only be made in accordance with the cancellation policy stated in the regulations packet.
  7. Any student who is restricted from attending a class trip under the terms of the pre-trip stipulations shall be considered truant if, in fact, they attend by providing their own transportation and admission. These students will be considered insubordinate and truant and will be appropriately dealt with under the terms and conditions of the disciplinary and attendance regulations.


Please note that the senior class trip is a privilege, any student excluded for the above reasons is not entitled to an appeal.