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Dress Code Policy

Dress Code

It is our belief that the dress of students is one of the factors, which determines their general behavior and attitude. Student dress and grooming shall reflect appropriateness, cleanliness, and safety within the classroom and school activities. Student dress should not be extreme and it must not be in any significant way distracting to the educational activities of the school.  We believe our students should dress for success.

The following dress code is a guideline and is not intended to be an all-inclusive list.

    1. Student dress must represent a regard for hygienic care to body and clothes. Any clothing that creates a disruption to the learning environment, as noted by administration, will not be permitted.
    2. Hair may be worn as desired providing it does not create any safety concerns or classroom disturbances.
    3. There are to be no hats, visors or head coverings worn except for appropriate religious beliefs.  Headbands and scarves may only be worn to keep hair out of the eyes.  (See specific Hat Policy)
    4. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.  Footwear must promote personal safety, particularly in the shops and science labs.
    5. Clothing may not be worn that:
      1. suggest vulgarity and/or obscenity
      2. may be discriminatory to race, religion, creed, etc.
      3. suggest alcohol, weapons, illegal drugs or activity
      4. suggest gang behavior
    6. Extremely short tops, shorts or skirts are not allowed.
    7. Shirts that reveal the midriff and/or are worn inappropriately are prohibited. Tube tops, halter tops and single-strap tops are not permitted.  Shirts that are sheer or expose the torso (without another shirt under) are not to be worn
    8. Excessively tight-fitting clothing is prohibited.
    9. Underwear should not be visible (boxer shorts, men’s undershirts, bras, panties, etc.)
    10. Eyewear that prevents eye-to-eye contact (sunglasses) is not permissible.
    11. No jewelry, chains or accessories that may present a danger to one’s self or to the health and safety of others are permitted.
    12. Book bags are prohibited in the following areas: science labs, wood shop and consumer science lab. Book bags may not be left unattended in the hallways and cafeteria. Violations of the BRHS Dress Code will result in the following disciplinary actions:2nd offense: Parent contact, change of clothes and central detention.4th offense: Parent contact, change of clothes, three days of in-school suspension and loss of all extracurricular privileges, including athletics.
  • 5th and subsequent offenses: Parent contact, change of clothes, one-day suspension out-of-school.
  • 3rd offense: Parent contact, change of clothes and one day of ISS
  • 1st offense: Warning, parent contact and change of clothes.



Students are not permitted to have a hat (head covering, visor, skull cap, wave cap, hood, or scarf) on their head between 7:30 am and 2:26 pm. Headbands and bandanas may be worn providing they are holding back hair and are not perceived as representing gang affiliation.


Administrative Procedures

First offense – administrative warning

Second offense - central detention - hat will be returned at end of day.

Third offense - central detention, phone call home - parent/guardian will have to come in to collect the hat.