Rowan College at Burlington County

Take Advantage of Spring Ahead!

Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) offers high school seniors the opportunity to take part in its popular Spring Ahead program, which allows students to get a head start on applying and registering for classes. Seniors who have submitted a RCBC application and taken the one of the required entrance tests (Accuplacer, SAT, ACT) are invited to the attend the spring trip to RCBC where you will get a tour and register for your courses.
Learn more about RCBC Spring Ahead hereor watch the Spring Ahead Pre-Recorded Virtual Information Session below.

For any questions, or to sign up for RCBC Spring Ahead, please contact your guidance counselor.
**For Class of 2021 Seniors participating in RCBC Spring Ahead, Virtual Registration for your Fall 2021 RCBC courses will take place on April 21, 2021 at 9am.
  • Register at
  • Click on Apply to RCBC online
  • "Are you currently a High School student who is interested in enrolling in RCBC courses while still in High School?"  Click NO (because you will not be in high school in August/September 2021)
  • Continue to click NO for the remaining questions.  It will lead you to the maroon “Apply Now” icon.

Start completing your financial aid information at The deadline is June 1st. RCBC’s Federal School Code: 007730.
The State of New Jersey requires all institutions of higher education to assess all entering students for proficiency in reading, writing, computation and elementary algebra. 

Students whom have met the following benchmarks on the SAT, ACT, PARCC exam, or Specific Prior College Coursework are not required to take the ACCUPLACER exam:


  • Prior to March 2016 students with scores of: Math Score of 540 or higher and a Critical Reading Score of 530 or higher
  • After March 2016 students with scores of: Math Score of 500 or better and a Evidence Based Reading and Writing Score of 450 or better.  



  • MATH PARCC score of 4 or 5 
  • ENGLISH PARCC score of 4 or 5 



  • Students with ACT scores of 23 or higher in Reading and 20 or higher in Math are not required to take the ACCUPLACER exam.


Prior College

  • Students who have taken college-level English and Math courses with a grade of a C or higher are not required to take the ACCUPLACER exam.
**Due to COVID-19, RCBC will be offering free online placement testing that applicants can take in the comfort of their own home.
The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program provides financial assistance and support services (i.e counseling, tutoring, and developmental course work) to students from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds who attend participating institutions of higher education in the State of New Jersey.
Undergraduate grants range from $200 annually to $2,650 annually depending on the type of institution and financial need. These grants are renewable based upon continued eligibility.
42 of New Jersey's colleges and universities participate in the Fund. However, the actual number of available spaces at each college or university is limited. Since EOF is a campus-based program, each campus program is responsible for student recruitment, selection, program services, and its own specific criteria for EOF admission and program participation.
Eligibility requirements can be found here and specific information about the RCBC EOF program can be found here.
How to apply for EOF at RCBC:
  1. Complete the RCBC admissions process - 1) submit a completed RCBC admissions application, 2) submit high school transcripts and 3) take the placement exam.
  2. Complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA or NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application
  3. Complete the 2021-2022 NJFAMS/HESSA application
  4. Complete and submit the EOF Program application and essay (can be located on the EOF website)
  5. Provide a copy of the tax return transcript
  6. Interview with the EOF Director or EOF Counselor
Any questions can be directed to Admissions ([email protected]) or EOF ([email protected]).