Support during COVID-19:  Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization Services are still available during this time.  Contact the school and/or utilize the resources below for support.  

Mobile Response and Stabilization Services
Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the Bordentown Regional School District Counseling Department is to enhance the learning process. Our program goal is to ensure that all students will achieve success in school, become life-long learners in an ever-changing society, and develop into productive, responsible citizens of our nation. All students are accepted as unique individuals of worth having academic, career, and personal/social developmental needs. It is also our mission to assist in preparing children for productive careers, for economic well being, and for meaningful contributions to their families and their communities.
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School Counselor Breakdown for 2021 - 2022 School Year
Freshman Students
A – De: Ms. Vogiatzidakis
Dh – Ko: Mr. Blackwell
Kr – P: Ms. Ashton
Q – Z: Ms. Leusner
Sophomore Students
A – Fe: Ms. Vogiatzidakis
Fi – McD: Mr. Blackwell
Mcl – Sche: Ms. Ashton
Schi – Z: Ms. Leusner
Junior Students
A – DeC: Ms. Vogiatzidakis
DeL – K: Mr. Blackwell
L – Ree: Ms. Ashton
Rev – Z: Ms. Leusner
Senior Students
A – Coo: Ms. Vogiatzidakis
Cos – G: Mr. Blackwell
H – O: Ms. Ashton
P – Z: Ms. Leusner

Kamilla Milewski

Administrative Assistant

609-298-0025 Ext 1111


Maria Vogiatzidakis

School Counselor

609-298-0025 Ext 1108 mvogiatzidakis@bordentown.k12.nj.us

Stephanie Ashton

School Counselor

609-298-0025 Ext 1117 sashton@bordentown.k12.nj.us

Michelle Leusner

School Counselor

609-298-0025 Ext 1182 mleusner@bordentown.k12.nj.us

Elijah Blackwell

School Counselor

 609-298-0025 Ext 2015 eblackwell@bordentown.k12.nj.us

Nell Geiger


Student Assistance Counselor


609-298-0025 Ext. 1138