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Transcript Request


Class of 2024 - Transcripts for College Admissions

Step 1. Fill out and turn in the "Transcript (School Record) Release Form" (also called the "Pink Form"). You may have picked this up during senior orientation and materials pick-up day in September. You can find a PDF of this form at the ended of this section.
Step 2. Add the colleges you are applying to on Naviance.
Step 3. Complete the "Materials and Documents Processing Request" for your Guidance Counselor.
Ms. Vogiatzidakis (A-Fe):
Mr. Blackwell (Fi-McD):
Ms. Jefferys (Mcl-Sche):
Please note that if you do not complete one of these steps, your transcript will not be sent out and this may impact your chances of admission.
**If you add any schools to your list/Naviance after you've submitted the "Materials and Documents Processing" Google Form from Step 3, make sure you notify your school counselor so that they know to send out your transcript (and letters of recommendation).