College Visits to BRHS

College visits to BRHS will be conducted virtually through Zoom or Google Meet for the foreseeable future. After registering for the visit on Naviance, the Zoom/Google Meet link will become available right before the visit.
*College visits are open to Juniors & Seniors only.
*Please register early! If no students have registered for a visit 2 days prior, we will cancel the visit. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reschedule.
*You can sign up for visits on Naviance. Learn how to sign up here.
*If a visit takes place during the school day, Mrs. Milewski will send an email that day to your teachers notifying them that you will be attending a college visit. We also recommend that you reach out directly to your teacher ahead of time.
*Juniors and seniors, please take this 1-minute survey to provide feedback regarding virtual college visits.
Fall 2020 Virtual Visits


Nov 3 @ 2:30pm  -  New Jersey City University (NJ)


Nov 12 @ 10:30am  -  Chestnut Hill College (PA)


*This list is subject to change and will be updated accordingly.



To see a list of virtual college fairs, please visit this page. Most virtual college fairs record sessions, so even if the date has passed you can still view the content.