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Study Hall Sign Up

Remember, space is limited so sign up early! 

Passes are Electronic now. You must show your study hall teachers your e-pass (or printed pass) in order to be allowed up in the library.

After signing up for study hall, you will receive an email. THIS IS YOUR PASS. You may also use a screenshot of the confirmation screen on your phone to act as a pass.

You must show your study hall teachers your e-pass (or printed pass) in order to be allowed up in the library.

Sign up at least 12 hours before you would like to be in the library!

If you don't receive a pass, you will need to stay in your study hall classroom.

Study Hall Expectations

BRHS Study Hall is offered as a great opportunity for you to use the library! 

There are three expectations in the library.

Respect yourself

Respect others

Respect the library

These expectations for your visit include:

Food is not permitted in any area of the of the library. Anyone eating in the library will be directed to the cafeteria.

Students in the library are requested to remain in the library until the end of the period or block. You must have permission to leave the library.

By signing up for the library below you are consenting to follow all of the school and library rules.


1. You must have an online or paper pass from your teacher to be in the library

2. You may only be in the library if you are utilizing a desktop or laptop or choosing a book.

3. I will only accept paper passes from your teachers if you are taking out a library book or printing. This will be done in a timely manner.

4. You must be sitting quietly at your computer or at a table with a laptop.

5 The library is not a place to just hang out. You will be asked to leave if you are not at computer or taking out a book.

6 If you refuse to follow the rules when asked, your study hall teacher will be notified, and then an administrator, if need be.


Periods and calendar time DO NOT MATCH. Please choose the time closest to your Study Hall period to make a booking.


Period 1: 7:30 AM

Period 2: 8:54 AM

Period 3: 10:18 AM

Period 4: 11:00 AM

Period 5: 11:42 AM

Period 6: 12:24 PM

Period 7: 1:06 PM