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The new cool : a visionary teacher, his FIRST robotics team, and the ultimate battle of smarts [eBook]
Where are the aliens? : the search for life beyond Earth [eBook]
True or false : a CIA analyst's guide to spotting fake news [eBook]
005.1 SMA - Coding activities for building apps with Python [Book]
005.75 MUL - Coding activities for building databases with SQL [Book]
006.3 BRE - Artificial intelligence and you [Book]
006.8 MAP - Virtual reality and you [Book]
Why Is It Important to Study Psychology?
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Money out loud : all the financial stuff no one taught us [eBook]
The missing crypto queen : the billion dollar cryptocurrency con and the woman who got away with it [eBook]
Feminist AF : a guide to crushing girlhood [eBook]
The injustice of place : uncovering the legacy of poverty in America [eBook]
Evidence of things seen : true crime in an era of reckoning [eBook]
Tangled vines : power, privilege, and the Murdaugh family murders [eBook]
Blood, bullets, and bones : the story of forensic science from Sherlock Holmes to DNA [eBook]
The angel makers : arsenic, a midwife, and modern history's most astonishing murder ring [eBook]
Return to Uluru : the hidden history of a murder in outback Australia [eBook]
The Godmother : murder, vengeance, and the bloody struggle of Mafia women [eBook]
How to invent everything : a survival guide for the stranded time traveler [eBook]
How to take over the world : practical schemes and scientific solutions for the aspiring supervillain [eBook]
So you want to talk about race [eBook]
Blood & ink : the scandalous jazz age double murder that hooked America on true crime [eBook]
I know who you are : how an amateur DNA sleuth unmasked the Golden State Killer and changed crime fighting
forever [eBook]
The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights [eBook]
When the moon turns to blood : Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and a story of murder, wild faith, and end times [eBook]
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500 ROO - Think like a scientist : explore the extraordinary natural laws of the universe [Book]
502.3 GAE - Great careers in science [Book]
507.8 HEL - Conduct a science experiment! [Book]
509.37 UHL - How STEM built the Roman empire [Book]
509.38 MCK - How STEM built the Greek empire [Book]
510 ROO - Think like a mathematician : learn about the language of numbers and patterns [Book]
510 STA - Painless pre-algebra [Book]
516 LON - Painless geometry [Book]
550 EBO - Rocks and minerals : get the dirt on geology [Book]
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Transmogrify! : 14 fantastical tales of trans magic [eBook]
Spare parts : four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot, and the battle for the American dream [eBook]
How medicine works and when it doesn't : learning who to trust to get and stay healthy [eBook]
621.042 ENE - Energy technology : the tools of the industry [Book]
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Suggested reading [eBook]
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America redux : visual stories from our dynamic history [eBook]
The grand escape : the greatest prison breakout of the 20th century [eBook]
The Nazi hunters : how a team of spies and survivors captured the world's most notorious Nazi [eBook]
The race of the century : the battle to break the four-minute mile [eBook]
The racers : how an outcast driver, an American heiress, and a legendary car challenged Hitler's best [eBook]
Sabotage : the mission to destroy Hitler's atomic bomb [eBook]
83 days in Mariupol : a war diary [eBook]
In the shadow of the moon : America, Russia, and the hidden history of the space race [eBook]
The Mona Lisa vanishes : a legendary painter, a shocking heist, and the birth of a global celebrity [eBook]
The family Romanov : murder, rebellion & the fall of Imperial Russia [eBook]
Doomed : Sacco, Vanzetti, and the end of the American dream [eBook]
The con queen of Hollywood : the hunt for an evil genius [eBook]
George Washington's secret six : the spies who saved America [eBook]
Devil's coin : my battle to take down the notorious OneCoin cryptoqueen [eBook]
Hanged! : Mary Surratt & the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln [eBook]
Bomb : graphic novel : the race to build--and steal--the world's most dangerous weapon [eBook]
Born to fly : the first women's air race across America [eBook]
Fallout : spies, superbombs, and the ultimate Cold War showdown [eBook]
Impossible escape : a true story of survival and heroism in Nazi Germany [eBook]
Lincoln's grave robbers [eBook]
Most dangerous : Daniel Ellsberg and the secret history of the Vietnam War [eBook]
The notorious Benedict Arnold : a true story of adventure, heroism, & treachery [eBook]
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A quantum life : my unlikely journey from the street to the stars [eBook]
Sure, I'll be your black friend : notes from the other side of the fist bump [eBook]
Undefeated : Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School football team [eBook]
The curse of the Marquis de Sade : a notorious scoundrel, a mythical manuscript, and the biggest scandal in
literary history [eBook]
920 LUC - Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace : the pen pals who imagined the first computer [Book]
B CUR - Marie Curie : the pioneer, the Nobel laureate, the discoverer of radioactivity [Book]
B HAW - Stephen Hawking : the man, the genius, and the theory of everything [Book]
B HOP - Grace Hopper : computer pioneer [Book]
B TES - Nikola Tesla : the man, the inventor, and the age of electricity [Book]
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The long run [eBook]
Class. Joyride [eBook]
Children of blood and bone [eBook]
Children of virtue and vengeance [eBook]
Imogen, obviously [eBook]
Kate in waiting [eBook]
Booked [eBook]
The crossover [eBook]
Rebound [eBook]
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian [eBook]
The impossible knife of memory [eBook]
Speak [eBook]
Speak : the graphic novel [eBook]
Julieta and the Romeos [eBook]
Someone is always watching [eBook]
Damsel [eBook]
Class. The stone house [eBook]
Firekeeper's daughter [eBook]
House party : a novel [eBook]
Warrior girl unearthed [eBook]
The half-life of love [eBook]
Lose you to find me [eBook]
Wolfpack [eBook]
One true loves [eBook]
If I can give you that [eBook]
Breakup from Hell [eBook]
The grimoire of grave fates [eBook]
Ready player one : a novel [eBook]
Dear Medusa [eBook]
Someone you loved [eBook]
Does my body offend you? [eBook]
Rosewood : a midsummer meet cute [eBook]
When the vibe is right [eBook]
Where the rhythm takes you [eBook]
The king is dead [eBook]
Kismat connection [eBook]
Homeland [eBook]
In real life [eBook]
A song of salvation [eBook]
Cursed crowns [eBook]
Twin crowns [eBook]
The lake house [eBook]
Some mistakes were made [eBook]
Night of the living queers : 13 tales of terror & delight [eBook]
Huda F are you? [eBook]
Those pink mountain nights [eBook]
Dress coded [eBook]
The hills of Estrella Roja [eBook]
You're welcome, universe [eBook]
The lightness of hands [eBook]
The Agathas [eBook]
The night in question [eBook]
Perfect on paper [eBook]
Class. What she does next will astound you [eBook]
Gay club! [eBook]
This town is on fire [eBook]
The language of fire : Joan of Arc reimagined [eBook]
Save Steve [eBook]
What stalks among us [eBook]
Kill joy [eBook]
Invisible son [eBook]
A little bit country [eBook]
Kiss & tell [eBook]
Every day : the graphic novel [eBook]
The dragon's promise [eBook]
The boy book : (a study of habits and behaviors, plus techniques for taming them) : a Ruby Oliver novel [eBook]
The boyfriend list : (15 guys, 11 shrink appointments, 4 ceramic frogs, and me, Ruby Oliver) [eBook]
The disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks : a novel [eBook]
Fly on the wall : how one girl saw everything [eBook]
Genuine fraud [eBook]
The treasure map of boys : Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon--and me, Ruby Oliver [eBook]
We were liars [eBook]
The girl least likely [eBook]
Take a bow, Noah Mitchell [eBook]
A blade so black [eBook]
A crown so cursed [eBook]
A dream so dark [eBook]
One of us is back [eBook]
You'll be the death of me [eBook]
Archenemies [eBook]
Renegades [eBook]
Supernova [eBook]
Ramona blue [eBook]
The Chandler legacies [eBook]
Only this beautiful moment [eBook]
The rest of us just live here [eBook]
Danger and other unknown risks [eBook]
To be or not to be [eBook]
Romeo and/or Juliet : a chooseable-path adventure [eBook]
Everyone's thinking it [eBook]
The heartstopper yearbook [eBook]
Strictly no heroics [eBook]
The ivory key [eBook]
Donuts and other proclamations of love [eBook]
The lesbiana's guide to Catholic school [eBook]
The Luis Ortega Survival Club [eBook]
The crown of Ptolemy [eBook]
Plus one [eBook]
The sharp edge of silence [eBook]
The inexplicable logic of my life [eBook]
Improbable magic for cynical witches [eBook]
The future king [eBook]
Gallant [eBook]
The other side of infinity [eBook]
Revelle [eBook]
Not my problem [eBook]
Dear Martin [eBook]
The Amulet of Samarkand : a Bartimaeus graphic novel [eBook]
Bartimaeus sequence gift set [eBook]
The creeping shadow [eBook]
The empty grave [eBook]
The hollow boy [eBook]
The notorious Scarlett and Browne [eBook]
The outlaws Scarlett and Browne [eBook]
The screaming staircase [eBook]
The whispering skull [eBook]
Check please!. Book 1, #Hockey! [eBook]
Check please!. Book 2, Sticks & scones [eBook]
Lulu and Milagro's search for clarity [eBook]
The girl next door [eBook]
The Ojja-Wojja : a horror-mystery, or whatever [eBook]
The reckless club [eBook]
Stars in their eyes [eBook]
Impostors [eBook]
Spill zone [eBook]
The infinity particle [eBook]
The books of Clash. 1, Legendary legends of legendarious achievery [eBook]
Fourth wing [eBook]
The sun is also a star [eBook]
Nigeria Jones [eBook]
The seven torments of Amy and Craig (a love story) [eBook]
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Hijos de sangre y hueso [eBook]
Hijos de virtud y venganza [eBook]
El crossover [eBook]
Hija del guardián del fuego [eBook]
Viva Lola Espinoza [eBook]
En la vida real [eBook]
Éramos mentirosos [eBook]
Los demás seguimos aquí [eBook]
Instrucciones para enamorarse [eBook]
La ladrona de libros [eBook]
Cours et formations en français langue étrangère (FLE) | Sorbonne Université
Le Petit Prince
Les Yeux de Carmen
Pouvre Anne