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This Flipbook below highlights some NEW E-books that center on different Races, Ethnicities and Nationalities.
This Flipbook highlights some new Fiction EBooks for Spring 2022, titles starting at A and B.
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 202 ALM - Afterlife : a history of life after death
Author: Almond, Philip C.
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303.6 CAR - The lessons of terror : a history of warfare against civilians : why it has always failed and why it will fail
again [Book]
Author: Carr, Caleb, 1955-
362.196 AID - AIDS [Book]
Author: Lauri S. Friedman, book
363.72 KAL - Trashing the planet : examining our global garbage glut [Book]
Author: Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-
371.26 HAR - The myths of standardized tests : why they don't tell you what you think they do [Book]
Author: Harris, Phillip, 1939- 
378.1 LUC - College stress solutions : stress management techniques to beat anxiety, make the grade, enjoy the
full college experience [Book]
Author: Lucier, Kelci Lynn. 
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510.92 SHE - Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who
helped win the space race [Book]
Author: Shetterly, Margot Lee.
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613 HUM - Stress education for college students [Book]
Author: Humphrey, James H. (James LCCN: 2002-38689
Harry), 1911-2008.
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782.1 LEV - Dear Evan Hansen [Book]
Author: Levenson, Steven, 1984-
821 PEP - Pillow thoughts II : healing the heart [Book]
Author: Peppernell, Courtney. 
821 PEP - Pillow thoughts. III, Mending the mind [Book]
Author: Peppernell, Courtney.
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910. 9164 PHI - In the heart of the sea : the tragedy of the whaleship Essex [Book]
Author: Philbrick, Nathaniel.
940.1 SAN - Barbarians, marauders, and infidels : the ways of medieval warfare [Book]
Author: Santosuosso, Antonio.
974.7 STA - Humans of New York : stories [Book]
Author: Stanton, Brandon.
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B NOR - 12 years a slave : a true story of betrayal, kidnap and slavery [Book]
Author: Northup, Solomon, 1808-
B WOO - Brown girl dreaming [Book]
Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.
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FIC ALE - Booked [Book]
Author: Alexander, Kwame.
FIC ALE - The crossover [Book]
Author: Alexander, Kwame. 
FIC ALE - Rebound [Book]
Author: Alexander, Kwame.
FIC APP - Home of the brave [Book]
Author: Applegate, Katherine.
FIC APP - The one and only Ivan [Book]
Author: Applegate, Katherine.
FIC BAR - Crooked kingdom [Book]
Author: Bardugo, Leigh. 
FIC BAR - Six of crows [Book]
Author: Bardugo, Leigh.
FIC BOY - The heart's invisible furies [Book]
Author: Boyne, John, 1971-
FIC CHR - Stolen [Book]
Author: Christopher, Lucy.
FIC COL - Tyler Johnson was here [Book]
Author: Coles, Jay.
FIC CRO - The crow [Book]
Author: Croggon, Alison, 1962- 
FIC DAL - Boy swallows universe [Book]
Author: Dalton, Trent.
FIC DRA - Fire from the rock [Book]
Author: Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon
FIC DRA - Tears of a tiger [Book]
Author: Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon
FIC FIN - The woman in the window [Book]
Author: Finn, A. J.
FIC FOE - Extremely loud & incredibly close [Book]
Author: Foer, Jonathan Safran,
FIC GAR - Beautiful creatures [Book]
Author: Garcia, Kami.
FIC GOI -  Fat kid rules the world
Author: Going, K. L.
FIC HAS - Imagine me gone : a novel [Book]
Author: Haslett, Adam.
FIC IRV - A prayer for Owen Meany [Book]
Author: Irving, John, 1942-
FIC JAC - Monday's not coming [Book]
Author: Jackson, Tiffany D.
FIC JAC- A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
Author: Jackson, Holly
FIC JAC - As good as dead : the final to A good girl's guide to murder
Author: Jackson, Holly
FIC JAC - Good girl, bad blood
Author: Jackson, Holly
FIC JOH - 13 little blue envelopes [Book]
Author: Johnson, Maureen, 1973-
FIC KEN - Schindler's list [Book]
Author: Keneally, Thomas.
FIC KOR - Schooled [Book]
Author: Korman, Gordon.
FIC LU - The Kingdom of Back [Book]
Author: Lu, Marie, 1984-
FIC LU - Skyhunter [Book]
Author: Lu, Marie, 1984- 
FIC LU - Steelstriker [Book]
Author: Lu, Marie, 1984-
FIC MAA - The assassin's blade : the Throne of glass novellas [Book]
Author: Maas, Sarah J.
FIC MAK - The great believers [Book]
Author: Makkai, Rebecca.
FIC MAR - Warm bodies : a novel [Book]
Author: Marion, Isaac, 1981-
FIC MCM - The Cousins
Author: McManus, Karen M.
FIC MIC - The silent patient [Book]
Author: Michaelides, Alex, 1977-
FIC NAY - The women of Brewster Place [Book]
Author: Naylor, Gloria.
FIC NES - A monster calls [Book]
Author: Ness, Patrick, 1971-
FIC ROO - Normal people : a novel [Book]
Author: Rooney, Sally.
FIC RUS - My dark Vanessa : a novel [Book]
Author: Russell, Kate Elizabeth.
FIC SHU - Hawking's hallway [Book]
Author: Shusterman, Neal.
FIC SHU - The toll 
Author: Shusterman, Neal
FIC SHU - Scythe [Book]
Author: Shusterman, Neal.
FIC STR - Wish you were dead [Book]
Author: Strasser, Todd. 
FIC STR - Olive Kitteridge [Book]
Author: Strout, Elizabeth.
FIC TAY - Roll of thunder, hear my cry [Book]
Author: Taylor, Mildred D.
FIC VUO - On Earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel [Book]
Author: Vuong, Ocean, 1988-
FIC WEI - The Martian : a novel [Book]
Author: Weir, Andy.
FIC YAN - A little life : (a novel) [Book]
Author: Yanagihara, Hanya.
FIC YOO - Everything, everything [Book]
Author: Yoon, Nicola.
FIC YOO - The sun is also a star [Book]
Author: Yoon, Nicola.