Welcome to my Web Page!

Dear Students and Families,


Welcome to my Algebra 1 and Algebra II class at Bordentown Regional High School! I am looking forward to a successful year! I will do my best this year to ensure that each student has a positive learning experience in my classroom while strengthening his/her mathematical skills. With the support of parents/guardians, I know this goal can be achieved. As parents/guardians, you can help by making sure assignments are completed.  If you have any concerns about the progress of your child, feel free to contact me. Please take the time to read over all of the information below.  I know that with your cooperation, we are going to have a great year!



Mr. Wheeler


Classroom Materials:

1) Three-ring binder with paper and dividers or 5-subject notebook with a folder 2) Textbook  3) Pencils 4) Scientific calculator 5) Student handbook 6) Completed homework assignments

Daily Expectations: 1) BE ON TIME!! Be in your seat and ready to work on the do now when the bell rings. 2) Come to class PREPARED!! 3) Be RESPECTFUL of each other and follow ALL school rules and policies.


Homework: 1) Homework will be checked daily for completeness. Students must attempt all questions for full credit. 2) If a student is absent, then the student has the amount of time to turn it in as the amount of days that they were absent. 3) If a student turns in their homework late, it will receive half credit.


Tests and Quizzes: 1) Quizzes will be given throughout each chapter.  Quizzes are always announced in advance.   2) There will be at least one test for each chapter  3) Students will get the chance to correct their tests if they received below a 70%. Students will have two days to hand in the test corrections with the original test to receive a ¼ point back. 4) There might be alternative assignments that will count under the tests and quizzes category.


Extra Help:

Extra help is available to any student in need. This is NOT a substitute for work to be done in class. Please see me to find out when we can meet or email me.



Cheating is a serious offense and will be strictly enforced in this class. Any form of communication made between students during a quiz or test will be considered cheating. Any cheating witnessed on any assignment, quiz or test will be reported to the administration.


Grading Policy:  


TESTS                                                                                   50%                          QUIZZES                                                                              20% CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK/PARTICIPATION                     30%


Your FINAL GRADE is 40% of each marking period grade and 20% of the average of the Mid-Term and Final exam grades.  



  • I will trust you until you give me a reason to do otherwise.
  • I will respect you and work with you to solve problems.
  • I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work.
  • I will work with you to meet learning goals.
                  I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you need it