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Happy Summer!


Happy Summer!

If you are enrolled in English 11 Honors or English 12 Honors, please check the high school's home page for the summer reading assignments.  Feel free to email me with any questions:

2nd Semester!

I am very excited to kick off a new semester.   I have opened Google Classroom.  Please ask your student to invite you to the Classroom, so that you can see major assignments and important dates.  Please be aware that I will not be posting daily homework.  
Thank you,
Mrs. Pinder

Are you keeping up with Shakespeare?

Make sure you are actively reading The Bard! 
English 12 Honors- the bodies are going to start piling up in Hamlet!
English 9 CP- are Romeo and Juliet really married?

Welcome Back!

September has gone by very fast and I am looking forward to a great Fall Semester with my classes.  Please check this site for important dates and information.  I do not post nightly homework, but I do post due dates for major assignments and tests.