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The BRHS Art Club/NAHS is proud to announce that we are participating in the Memory Project. The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create and donate portraits to youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges. We are asking for donations of $15 to sponsor participation in the project. For more information about this project, please click the Memory Project file in the right toggle pane.

Welcome to Mrs. Sexton's Webpage


Be sure to check out Artsonia to view student artwork and purchase products printed with student artwork. A portion of the money you spend comes back to the Art department. Last year, we were able to give a $200 scholarship to a graduating Art student. 


Right now in Art Education

The hot topic in Art Education right now is "Choice Based Art Ed." While reading up and investigating this trending idea, I realized...this is already happening in our program! I was delighted to see that teachers are incorporating more student choice and theme based units into their curriculum. They discuss incorporating environments and units that foster artistic thinking. As a department, we feel strongly that this has been our Art Education Philosophy all along. So, as you may have probably guessed, I LOVE this mentality behind the new path in Art Education.

In my classroom, it is my goal that all students understand the following:

Artists Observe and Respond

For many years, Art Educators have been using the knowledge that the right side of the brain is used more when working with art as a tool for teaching drawing. I strongly believe that this is still a wonderful concept that may be used even further. Understanding how we, as individuals, see and respond may allow art students the opportunity to set themselves up for success when drawing and understand what changes to make to how they are seeing the world around them in order to change their results.

Artists Steal...and Then Make It Their Own

I had a professor once that told us that all artists steal- we are at that time where all basic ideas have been executed. The subtle differences that you do are what make it YOURS. Looking at other artists in history, distant and contemporary, gives us ideas. Being a hermit in the Art World will not help. Artistic thinking is fostered in my room through exposure to other artists work and practices.

Artists are Self-Learners

I am the first to admit that I do not know EVERYTHING about ALL art and artists. Exploring and creating Art is a life long process. It is a lifestyle. The tools and concepts taught in the classroom are provided to our students to enable them to be able to handle their own investigative processes in the future. If there is a question that I cannot answer, I encourage students to use what they know so far to find it.

Artists Solve Problems

You will never hear me say "I can't" in my classroom. At least, I try to make sure of that! Artists are known to think outside of the box and find a way. When told "No" to an idea, I usually have to try it and see it to believe it. It is the visual learner in us!

Artists Learn from Other Artists

Keeping up with my own artistic practice is very important to my profession. I always have something that I am working on in the room. I always share my sketchbooks. I always find a little time to work alongside my students in the studio. There is this creative energy that passes to them and...IT WORKS!

Artists Dance in Strides, Not Steps

While I do make my own work and share it with the students, I rarely do teacher samples. Students tend to think that the sample is the end all and be all of project perfection and COPY. Here, we give students the process, the material, the inspiration, sometimes the concept and then set them loose. We do not do "Step by Step and Make it Look Just Like Mine" here.