BRHS Student Council Homepage
The Bordentown Regional High School Student Council is a proud member of the New Jersey Association of Student Councils, the National Association of Student Councils and the International Student Representative Conference. We also have an honorary membership in the Professional Association of SRC Teachers and Advisors (PASTA), the national Student Council organization of Australia.

We meet every Wednesday during period 3 and 6 study hall/lunch. 

Besides the class officers, each class is represented by 5 elected officials and by as many associate members as want to join.  The associate members are very active; most of our activities are staffed by associate members.

Besides the State Charity, we also raise money to allow our students to participate in the NJASC Fall and Spring Conferences, the NJASC Convention, NJASC’s Leadership Training Conference, the NASC National Student Council Conference, and the International Student Representative Conference.

Questions or comments? E-mail our advisor!
Ms. Kara Lynch