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Student Athlete and Parent Resources



The handbook provides a wealth of information surrounding the BRSD Athletic Department.  The handbook is a valuable resource for coaches, student athletes, and parents.  There have been updates to the handbook that include a revised contact list, updated NJSIAA eligibility rules, social media guidelines, an updated transportation memo, and will answer many questions one may have in regards to BRSD Athletics.

BRSD Athletics Handbook


BRSD Social Media Guidelines for Athletes- this document provides guidelines for student athletes on how they can monitor their behavior with regards to social media.

Social media guidelines for athletes


Dear Mom and Dad,

High school sporting events are an extension of the classroom. Life lessons are learned through hard work, victory and defeat. Hopefully, I also will learn these lessons. The officials who work our games, matches and or meets are not perfect. Just like professional officials, sometimes they get it wrong.

The teams we play are not the enemy-they are guests of our school and should be treated as such. I want you to attend my contests and I want you to cheer for our team but it’s embarrassing and distracting for me when I hear negative comments coming from you or other parents. The negative comments do not help us, they actually hurt us. Let the officials do what they are paid to do. Yes I know, sometimes it’s not great but that’s sport. Win or lose, bad calls or good calls, if I played a lot or just a little, know that I have tried my best and sometimes the best words to hear after a game are a simple “nice job, I love you and what would you like for dinner?”

Your loving student-athlete