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Visitor Protocols


Dear BRHS School Community Members:


The safety and security of our students and staff continues to be a top priority in the Bordentown Regional School District. The School Entry Protocol listed below will be implemented to maintain the safety of all, while limiting the number of people entering the building during the school day. Please take a moment to review this protocol as we believe it will add an additional layer of security at our school.




  • No visitors are to enter the building with students during arrival. Administration will be present at our doors and will not allow visitors in unless they have a scheduled appointment.
  • When ringing the buzzer for entry at the main office vestibule, visitors will be expected to state their name, purpose of their visit, and/or specify with whom they have an appointment.
  • Visitors will be required to show photo identification and sign in to obtain a visitor's pass.
  • It is imperative that visitors do not hold the door open for others behind them. Each visitor must be acknowledged individually through the buzzer system.
  • If you are dropping off an item for a student, you will be directed to deposit the item outside the security office. Entry into the school will not be permitted. Please limit drop-offs to essential items. Food/lunch and beverages must be dropped off by a listed contact and will be given to the student when their lunch period occurs. Any fast food/take-out food and beverages dropped off during school hours will not be allowed in the cafeteria. No outside food can be delivered or dropped off for a student by another student during school hours.
  • If you will be picking your child up early, you must notify the security officer of this at the buzzer. Once buzzed into the first set of doors, you will be instructed to report to the security office where you will be required to complete and submit an early dismissal form and show photo identification. Students will only be released to a parent/guardian or person listed on the emergency contact list in PowerSchool. If you would like someone else to pick up your child from school, you must contact the attendance office in writing to make proper arrangements.
  • Front office administrative assistants and/or the security officer will be required to call the school resource officer and notify school administrators if the visitor is uncooperative or does not adhere to the procedures.
  • Ultimately, failure to follow these procedures may result in a lockdown for the safety of our students and staff, and the Bordentown Township Police Department may be notified an intruder is in the building.


While the protocols may inconvenience our visitors who are, as always, welcome in our schools, the safety of our students and staff must remain our priority. We are optimistic our visitors will ultimately recognize the need to be as vigilant as possible. If you should require clarification regarding the protocol or have suggestions you would like to share, please contact our School Resource Officer, Patrolman Adam Edwards at [email protected]. He will be happy to answer your questions to ensure your full understanding and adherence to our procedures. With your cooperation, our schools will continue to be safe and secure for students and staff.


~ BRHS Administrative Team