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Hi there!  My name is Rebecca Jacobsen and I'm your Biology or Epidemiology teacher.  A little about me:
I'm a Jersey Shore native: I graduated Ocean Township High School in 1997.  I graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2002 with a Cum Laude degree in Biology with a concentration in Secondary Education.  I worked every summer for 9 years at Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach as an educator, tour guide, penguin wrangler, seal trainer, shark feeder, and Jane-Of-All-Trades.  Aside from Marine Biology, I have a special interest in Public Health and Epidemiology.
I student taught here at BRHS in 2001 and I've been here ever since.  I love being part of this community and I've been active in many student activities, including music and theatre.  I live in Hopewell, NJ with my 7 year old daughter and our 2 cats.


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An early start to winter break...

Hey Honors Bio Students,
My daughter is sick so I'll be out Friday as well.  I hope everyone has a good break.  Your only assignment is the current event article due when you come back. (Pro Tip:  Do it early and be done)
***Due to PARCC testing, if you were absent for the Chapter 11 test, you will take it on January 2, the day we come back.  Be ready.
See you all in 2018,
Ms J