US Government

Welcome to US Government!


This class is meant to provide students with an understanding of how power in the United States is distributed, who has that power, and why power is distributed in that way. In other words, we will explore how the government works, how citizens have the opportunity to change it when it does not work, and why it was set up to work the way it does. Over the course of the semester, we will explore major themes and ideas that have influenced the development of U.S. government & politics and how the ideal of democracy has shaped this country and its place in the world. By the end of this class, it is hoped that you will feel informed, but more importantly, empowered to identify and act on areas of interest which you believe action should be taken in order to promote the American values of equality, justice, and opportunity for all.


All materials and assignments for this class will be posted and updated on Google Classroom. Please contact Mrs. Fair with any questions!