Helpful Hints

Welcome to my favorite subject - English! 
I teach English 9 (CP and Honors) , Contemporary Young Adult Literature, Creative Writing and Public Speaking. 
Supplies Needed for Class: 
English 9 - SSR books & current book we are reading 
CYAL - current book we are reading
Creative Writing - SSR book or journal 
Notebook & folder OR 3 ring binder 
I do not care which you use.  You just need somewhere to write notes and somewhere to put handouts.  I want you to have a system that works for you. 
Pens - any color I can read are fine.  I cannot read yellow or gold but almost any other color is fine.  Pencils are gross! 😊
Student handbook
Google Classroom
For my classes we use google classroom and once you come to class I will give you the code to join. 
Questions or Concerns
You can email me at [email protected] or stop by room 260.