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Scheduling Committee Updates

As many of you are aware, BRHS has been researching and evaluating our current building bell schedule and looking into other types of schedules.  Throughout this section of our website, you will be able to read up on what we have discovered.
At the BOE meeting in November, BRHS presented our recommendation to maintain the 4x4 Block Schedule.  The full presentation can be found here.
Meeting Dates:
Staff meetings: March 18, April 1, May 20, July 17 & 24, Aug. 7 & 14, Sept. 17, Oct. 1
Parent meetings: April 10, May 21, June 27, July 17 & 24, Aug. 7 & 14, Sept. 25 & Oct. 2
Student meetings: April 5, Sept. 26, Oct. 10
Schools visited/spoken with:
Rancocas Valley
Burlington Township
New Egypt
Burlington City