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ISS Student Rules

Bordentown Regional High School

In-School Suspension Rules


I am being placed in the In-School Suspension for failing to adhere to one or more of the general school rules/regulations.


The purpose of ISS is three fold; social isolation, an opportunity for counseling, and allowing me to maintain academic progress.  I am considered present for the school day.  Class work will be gathered by me prior to going to the ISS room or a teacher/student may bring assignments to me in ISS, so that I may remain current with the instruction being presented in my classes.


While being assigned to ISS (Room 257), I will abide by the following rules:


  •  I am to report to the Attendance office before 7:30am where I will be escorted to ISS or told to report to Room  257 and remain there from 7:30am until 2:26pm –Throughout the day. (Exceptions are restroom/lunch breaks)
  • I will bring any and all textbooks, approved reading materials (no magazines/newspapers), paper and  pen/pencil to ISS each day.
  • I will remain in an assigned seat unless specifically given permission to do otherwise by the ISS Monitor.
  •  ALL School rules/regulations/procedures apply!! *None of my friends may visit me in ISS!!*
  • Under NO circumstances am I allowed to use ANY telephone in ISS. Any phone calls that need to be made  can be made with approval through the Vice Principals office.
  • *NO use of personal electronic devices may be used in ISS, unless approved by the ISS Monitor.
  • I will complete assignments sent by the subject area teacher or given by the ISS Monitor. Incomplete work will  result in a “0” zero for the assignment in that class.  Failure to complete work and/or refusal to do so may result  in additional In-School Suspension(s).  I am responsible for completing work dropped off by the subject  teacher.
  • I will be responsible to maintain a clean environment in the ISS Room, meaning I will clean up any and all  messes I make.
  • There will be (2) two restroom breaks during the day. Break times will be determined by the ISS Monitor.  *Lunch will be eaten in the ISS room at or about 12:00pm(Noon) unless otherwise noted.  (_______)
  • There will be NO Gum chewing, eating candy, head on desk/sleeping or talking amongst other students!  Communication of any type with anyone other than the ISS Monitor is NOT permitted! (Unless permission is  granted!)
  • I am NOT allowed to attend any school function during the school day nor participate in any extra-curricular  activities while placed in ISS. I must leave the school at the end of the school day. (after 7th Period is over @  2:26pm), unless permission is granted by an Administrator or Principal.
  • All work will be completed individually. The ISS Monitor or the subject teacher may give assistance when  needed.  I may contact my teachers either before or after school if there is a problem with a particular  assignment. 
  • I am responsible for the individual desk/chair assigned to me. Defacement and/or destruction will result in  restitution for necessary repairs.  I may also use a School Laptop computer for school assignments.  It is my  responsibility to advise the ISS Monitor of any issues with the laptop to wit; missing keys, dead battery,  inappropriate sights that pop up, defacement, etc.
  • Any school books that I use in the ISS Room must be returned to the appropriate shelf/locker or subject  teacher.
  • I must dress appropriately in ISS Room. I am not to wear hoods, hats or any other type of non-religious  coverings.
  • Failure to comply with ANY of these rules, may result in additional disciplinary actions to include but not limited to OSS (Out of School Suspension) or Expulsion!!  This program is a privilege and may be withdrawn as a consequence for unacceptable behavior!   Questions/concerns regarding this In-School suspension should be addressed to an Assistant Principal and NOT to the ISS Monitor.*
  • I have read and understand the above aforementioned rules and will adhere to them while serving my In-School Suspension.

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