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Order of Operations for Tutorial Creation
Responsibility for the project is divided equally between members of a group.
1. Take the survey:
2.  Learn about the technology and tools needed to create your tutorial.
I will teach a brief lesson on iMovie (iPad) and Jing (Chromebook), two software tools used in the creation of videos.
In case there is something you need to review
visit this website for Jing:
or this one for iMovie:
3. Write your script. 
Solve your equation, step by step, talking it out, and writing down what you are going to say, write and do with each step. 
3. Create a story board. Here's how and why:
There are paper and APP storyboarding options. Below is a storyboarding App available to you on your iPads:
First without the camera, then with.
5. Shoot your tutorial.
Your video must be less than 3 minutes in length.
Follow your storyboard and make corrections and changes to it as needed. 
Your video must contain all the steps it takes to solve your equation.
6. Present your tutorial to the class. 
Each partner should speak for approximately 1 minute each about the creation process. 
Include your name,
something you learned, 
something you wish you'd been able to do and weren't,
something that pleased or pleasantly surprised you,
something you learned that you will be able to use again,
something complimentary about your partner and the process.
the hardest thing about the lesson.
7. Peer review your classmates videos at:
8. Review me and the project: