Bring Your Own Device Policy

Bordentown Regional High School recognizes the usefulness of mobile phones and devices as a means of supplementing educational instruction under staff supervision.  Students are permitted to "bring your own device" to school.  This includes, but is not limited to: cell phones, smart phones, iPods, iPads, electronic tablets, and laptop computers.  Students may use devices in class at the teacher's discretion.  Students must follow teacher/staff rules and guidelines for use.  Students will be permitted to use devices during lunch and study hall at their own risk.  Bordentown regional High School assumes no responsibility for devices that are lost, stolen, or damaged.  Students violating the rules and regulations for electronic devices may incur consequences.  Use of cell phones and other electronic devices is strictly prohibited in locker rooms and restrooms.  Taking pictures of others, including faculty members without their knowledge is strictly prohibited.  Additionally, students are not permitted to use headphones in/on both ears at the same time.  This is for safety and security purposes.
Students, unless given permission, are not permitted to make or receive phone calls at any time during the school day.  A student may be given permission to use an office telephone to make a call, and in case of an emergency, a student may be called out of class to receive a telephone call from parents/guardians.
In conjunction with the BYOD policy, students may access free Wi-Fi while in school.  To access the Wi-Fi, students should do the following:
  1. Connect to "BRSD-Student"
  2. Go to the internet, and a splash page will appear.
  3. Click "Create an Account" and fill in the appropriate information.
  4. Use your district email and password to log into the splash page. Example
    • Student Name:  Joe Student (Class of 2019)
    • Student ID:  19studentj
    • Password:  Student ID Number
    • Email:  [email protected]
  5. Your account will be approved within a week.  You will receive notification upon its approval.