Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Procedure for Requesting Teacher Recommendations

Teachers are not required to write letters of recommendation, but do so out of courtesy to their students.  Teachers must be given at least 15 school days to turn in their recommendation letters to the Guidance Department.  Please provide all teachers sufficient time and all of the material necessary to complete your recommendation.

Each teacher should receive a folder/envelope with all of the information they will need to provide you with a recommendation.
  • Your name on the cover of the folder/envelope
  • A copy of your transcript
  • Complete the Student Contribution Form
  • Teacher Evaluation Forms
  • All teacher evaluation forms must be filled out completely.   Be sure to have your name and signature on the waiver portion of each form.

Once teachers have completed the paperwork, he/she will return all material to the school counselor.   Students will not have access to these letters.
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