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RCBC CAP Program

Below is the link to RCBC's CAP program.

College Acceleration Program (CAP)

The College Acceleration Program (CAP) provides students with the opportunity to take college level courses while still enrolled in their current high school classes.


CAP courses are taught by certified high school teachers who have been approved as Rowan College at Burlington County adjunct faculty.

Students who participate in CAP Courses are able to receive college credit towards their associate’s degrees while simultaneously completing their high school coursework. 


CAP Courses are equal to RCBC credits and upon completion; students will receive a Rowan College at Burlington County transcript if they receive a grade of a "C" or Higher. RCBC CAP Courses are also transferable to many four-year institutions.*


Is there list of any colleges and universities that guarantee credits are accepted?

From RCBC: We do not have specific schools that we can guarantee the credits transfer to as it up to the Transfer Institution if it applies and how they will apply the credit. Nonetheless for state schools students can use to see what courses are transferable to what with state colleges/universities.


*students interested in transferring credits to another four-year institution should speak to those college’s admissions or transfer offices prior to enrolling to ensure transfer ability.