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CLASS NIGHT - JUNE 15th 2017
Seniors - come to BRHS cafeteria at 4pm for dinner and yearbook distribution, and class gifts from your advisors.
Families - please join us at 6pm in the PAC for the awards ceremony
Hope to see you there!

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Students & Parents:  Please click on the Graduation tab on our webpage for information about Graduation!


Friday, June 9th 2017
The Merion - Cinnaminson
Ticket Sales:
Tickets will be on sale during all lunches starting on May 2nd for Seniors and May 4th for Juniors. Tickets cost $85 per person and will be on sale until May 19th (NO EXCEPTIONS)! Students must present a Prom contract and full payment when purchasing their tickets. Dance and Guest contracts can be found on the Senior Bulletin Board (outside of Mrs. Gola's office) or attached as a .pdf below.
Prom Portrait Sessions - LifeTouch Prestige Portraits:
Log-in code: prom2017
Prom portraits will be taken by LifeTouch Prestige Portraits at the Merion in Cinnaminson. Students must bring payment in full to the prom to present to LifeTouch representatives. Package details can be found in attached document below.




 Welcome Back Seniors!


Welcome Back SENIORS!   
     Can you believe it?  You all are Seniors!  It seems like yesterday you were all lost incoming Freshman and didn't know where to go and what to do in this huge building you've never been in! Mrs. Pone, Mrs. Gola, Mr. Schoen and the entire staff at BRHS hope you had a great summer break and hope you are ready to get this year going and make it your best year yet! We trust you are looking forward to this year as much as we are.  This is it! Your last year at BRHS!  This is the year you have the opportunity to define your identity as a class and leave a lasting impact on BRHS.  You can set the bar high for all the other classes to follow.  
     First with Homecoming.  Our class has won the Hallways decorations for the past three years and we can make it a clean sweep this year, if everyone gets involved in some part of it, even if its a half hour of your time here and there. We CAN do this!  We need to get the high school spirit going early on and show all the other classes how Bordentown does it!
     Then comes your Homecoming football game, the Homecoming dance, your Senior Class Trip, followed by your Prom and finally Graduation!! There is alot to plan for this coming year and a ton of exciting things coming your way.  Your Advisors, Class Officers and all of you have an opportunity to plan things out and make this year your best ever.  Get involved!
      This is the year to create memories of a lifetime that you can look back on at a later time and say, Wow, I was part of something great.  This is the year that will define you as the person you want to become.  You can become anything you want to be.  Your teachers, principals, advisors, class officers and the board are here to help you make this year the best year yet and transition into adulthood.  But we can't do it without your help. The future is in YOUR hands--Grab it!  The staff at all the schools in Bordentown have prepared you, supported you and given you the tools needed over the many years to become what you want to be.  Challenge yourself, finish this year on a strong note and prove to yourself what you are capable of and most importantly be proud of yourself and be proud that you continue a tradition that many before you have...becoming a Graduate of the Bordentown Regional School District
     It has been a pleasure to work with the community, teachers, and all of you, that truly care about one another.  I think we all are better for that. You all entered the doors of this school as individual Freshmen, but when you leave these doors in June, you all leave as ONE!  One great class that can look back and truly say, we made an impact here at Bordentown!  
    We look forward to this final year as advisors.  Let's make this the best year yet!  Have a great Senior year.  As always we are here to help and  support you through this upcoming year as you transition into young adults. 
Julie Pone
Brian Schoen
Cindy Gola



Mrs. Pone, Mrs. Gola and Mr. Schoen plan to update this page as often as we can with new information as this is going to be a busy year for you all.  We are looking forward to another successful year.  First up is Homecoming.  The theme has been released and you, the Seniors, have chosen “Harry Potter” as our theme.  Check this webpage for dates and times of meetings.  We will have a shortened time this year, as the Homecoming game has been scheduled for Friday, September 23, 2016.  So we have very few days to work on Homecoming decorations.  We will need everyone’s help to meet the deadline and to hang the finished projects in the hallways.  Again even if it’s for a half hour or forty five minutes, whatever you can give will be appreciated.  


The Homecoming Dance will be Saturday, September 24, 2016.  Ticket sales will be announced soon.

Your Senior Prom this year will be held at the Merion in Cinnaminson.  Ticket sales will be announced as we get closer.  The date of the Prom is scheduled for Friday, June 9th, 2017 from 6pm-10pm.  


Your Senior Class Trip to Florida is scheduled for Tuesday, March 7 through Saturday, March 11, 2017.  The Itinerary has been established and we will be going over that in a Mandatory Meeting scheduled one week prior to departure.  This meeting is MANDATORY for any student attending the trip.  Also a parent(s) MUST attend with this meeting that will be held in the Media Center (Library).  The date and times will be determined.  There will be a video presentation of what should be packed, what shouldn’t be packed, the itinerary will be shown at this time and when departure time will be from the school and arrival time back at the school from Florida.   





**********Senior Class Portraits********** 

Class of 2017 Senior portraits were already taken this year (Monday April 25th through Thursday April 28th) in the Cafeteria (faculty dining room).   If you missed your picture date, Please call the studio at 1-800-OUR-YEAR to schedule a retake or makeup photo session before September. Class advisers are NOT responsible for scheduling your Senior portraits - it is your responsibility to contact the photography studio to reschedule, if needed. Students not photographed will not appear in the Senior Portraits section of the 2017 Yearbook.
Information regarding your portrait sitting:
WOMEN - Yearbook poses will be taken in the drape. Please bring your own tank top to wear underneath
MEN - Yearbook poses will be taken in a tuxedo. Please bring your own dress shirt and tie for cap and gown poses
 -session fees are due at the time of the sitting (cash, check or money order payable to LifeTouch)
-the studio will supply drapes, tuxedos, caps and gowns
-for more information, as well as ideas on how to personalize your portrait session, please visit
Ultimate Session: includes 18-26 Head and Shoulder Yearbook and Cap and Gown poses, plus up to 3 outfit changes and 8 backgrounds. Session Fee: $30
Deluxe Session: includes 14-18 Head and Shoulder Yearbook and Cap and Gown poses, plus up to 2 outfit changes and 6 backgrounds. Session Fee: $20
Standard Session: includes 11-14 Head and Shoulder Yearbook and Cap and Gown poses, plus 4 backgrounds. Session Fee: $0
2016 Homecoming Class of 2017 - Seniors 
    Image result for 1st Place Ribbon1st Place - Homecoming Hallway   Image result for 1st Place Ribbon 1st Place - Homecoming Overall
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who helped out with the 2015-2016 Homecoming Activities!  You do it again!  Mrs. Pone, Mrs. Gola and Mr. Schoen are proud of all of you!  And we believe that it may be the First time in school history that any class has taken 1st Place for Homecoming Hallway Decorations for four years in a row. (Will check on this to see)   Well Done!!
 2015 Homecoming Class of 2017 - Juniors

Image result for 1st Place Ribbon1st Place -Homecoming Hallway   Image result for 2nd place ribbon2nd Place-Homecoming Overall

Congratulations to everyone who helped out with 2015-2016 Homecoming Activities!  Well deserved yet again!  You guys & gals do a superb job every year. 


*******Parent Booster Club *******

Some of the Class of 2017 Parents have started a Parent Booster Club.  There are several parents that have opened a Bank Account for Fundraising events for the Class and have also established a Class of 2017 Parent Booster Email as well.  If you would like to become part of the Parent Booster Club Email List, please email the Administrators at:

They will email you back once they have heard from you directly and add you to the list. The Parent Booster Club will send out information on upcoming events, fundraisers etc.

*The advisors will most likely be receiving the emails as well, however The Parent Booster Club is not directly affiliated with BRHS or the advisors of the class!*

                                       ***********Remind 101************

Are you interested in finding out what the Class of 2017 is upto this year?  If so, Sign up for Remind 101 Text Messaging by clicking the link below.  Your number is kept private and all Messages are sent out by either Mrs. Pone or Mr. Schoen!  It's safe and easy to use. 

There are fact information pdf downloads on the link that explains how Remind 101 works.              

(Text Messaging and/or Data Rates MAY apply from your local Mobile Phone Company!)


*********** SENIOR CLASS TRIP ***********

For more information on your Senior class trip, visit the link on the navigation bar!


Parents and Students of the Class of 2017, if you should have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact either Mrs. Pone or Mr. Schoen via our email addresses located under our signature line at the bottom of this page. You may also leave a voice message through the disctricts voice mail system. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!


Mrs. Pone and Mr. Schoen will be sending out Email Blasts, Remind 101 texts and School Reach updates with information on upcoming events/activities.  Sophomores don't forget to pay attention to the Morning Announcements for upcoming information about the Class of 2017 activities and meetings. All are WELCOME to attend and see what we have planned. We can't emphasize it enough that your input is very important to having a successful high school experience!



Our Commitment to You...Your Promise to Us!


May 7, 2014


To All Parents & Students of Class of 2017:


  Mrs. Pone and Mr. Schoen enjoy doing our part to make your next few years at Bordentown Regional High School fun and memorable. MrPone and Mr. Schoen will always try to provide the students and parents of Class of 2017 with the most updated information on upcoming events pertaining to the class.


 However, it is incumbent upon the students and parents to stay informed and updated on all events. Mr. Schoen and Mrs. Pone will constantly update the Class of 2017 webpage, send out Remind 101 alerts, school eblasts, emails and also through the new phone app called School Reach. It is important to not only stay updated, but also contribute your thoughts and opinions at scheduled class meetings. We welcome ALL of our students and parents to have a voice in planning fundraisers, dances, and other memorable activities; however your voice will not be heard unless you participate. Throughout the course of the next few years, we encourage you to partake in surveys, meetings, and other planning committees so that these events reflect your thoughts and opinions. Ultimately, it is YOUR class, YOUR graduation, YOUR Prom, and YOUR Senior class trip; therefore, YOU need to get involved now! Do not wait until the last minute!


 Furthermore, when Mrs. Pone or Mr. Schoen set a deadline for certain events/fundraisers, that deadline is FINAL! When we are selling a product, such as tickets to an event or Bordentown Spirit Wear, there will be a certain amount of available products to be sold, and a deadline to which you need to purchase them. However, when that number of products is reached and/or the deadline has passed, WE ARE SOLD OUT! NO EXCEPTIONS! Mrs. Pone and Mr. Schoen will not allow any more products to be sold once we are sold out under any circumstances, unless Mrs. Pone and Mr. Schoen are in agreement together. Every student will have the opportunity to go to things like prom, dances, etc...but deadlines must be kept!


 Once an event or fundraiser is scheduled, it is up to you and your parent(s) to not wait until the last minute to get involved. As we have told you since the beginning of your freshman school year, the expenses of your senior year can be monumental; therefore it is important to start saving and fundraising early. We strongly recommend getting involved early and not waiting until the last minute. The school, staff, and advisors are not responsible for participants waiting until the last minute. Again, for things like fundraisers, we will provide dates and deadlines so there is no confusion. 


 Remember, All School Rules, Policies and Procedures apply to all Events!


 Your Class Advisors,


Julie Pone      609-298-0025 - Ext. 1458

Brian Schoen  609-298-0025 - Ext. 1443